Why choose Credit Clear North?

Here at Credit Clear North we work closely with each of our clients in restoring, cleaning, and strengthening their credit. With already helping more than 1,000 clients to financial freedom, our primary goal is to not only fix credit, but to teach each individual how to maintain a healthy credit history.

Credit Clear North is not only a place of business, it is a lifestyle! When having bad or no credit, getting declined or barely approved with high-interest rates and large amounts of money down in order to get what you need, is all too common in today’s time.

Trusting in our process and reaching your credit goals assist in receiving the very best offers in the consumer market. You will qualify for the lowest rates with as little as NO money down.

Now walk with us on the right path to building your credit TODAY!

About Credit Clear North

We are your accomplice in getting ready for life’s achievements using cutting-edge credit removal and building techniques. Our Certified Credit Experts use strategies that are forceful, compelling, and simply accomplish great results.

Credit Clear North has removed millions of dollars of debt from thousands of customers’ credit profiles. Our main focus is to educate and help build credit for families from low-income communities that may lack proper financial guidance.

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Services We Offer

The Best Guarantee In Credit Repair


CCN Credit Restoration Program

You are looked at as a risk when you have negative items on your credit report. 79% of all credit reports obtain numerous errors and false information on their profile. With our Credit Restoration Program, we will eliminate any harmful items on all three bureaus.

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CCN Credit Boost Program

Credit lenders not only look at your score but also look at how many accounts you have, the credit limits, and how long each account has been open. Use this Credit Boost Assistance Program to give yourself the true upper hand on all approvals.

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CCN Loan Approval Assistance Program

This Loan Approval Assistance Program is designed to help individuals acquire loans of all sorts in order to get to the next step in financial freedom. We will transform your credit to the max of our abilities. Click Below to learn more in detail!

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CCN Credit Monitoring Service

Credit Score Report & Monitoring service on a month-to-month basis. Receive up-to-date identity alerts while managing your monthly bills and expenses.

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5 Factors of a FICO Credit Score

  • PAYMENT HISTORY: Do you make your monthly payments by the due date every month?
  • AMOUNTS OWED: High balances on multiple accounts tell lenders you may be overextended.
  • LENGTH OF CREDIT HISTORY: A long history of prompt payments and paid-off accounts improves your score.
  • NEW CREDIT: Many open accounts with low balances and lots of available credit are a red flag for lenders.
  • TYPES OF CREDIT USED: Lenders prefer to see both secured (a car loan, for example) and unsecured (credit and charge cards) accounts; it’s a sign of financial responsibility.


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