An Expanded Definition of a Term Begins with

An Expanded Definition of a Term Begins with

○ Did I avoid using when and where in my formal definition? ○ Develop a thesis statement: The thesis of a definition essay should do more than just identify the term to be defined – and more than just define it. The thesis should clearly indicate to readers the broader purpose for which you define the term and the value you see in the definition. ○ Health Careers: Look for or to learn more about a medical condition (for example: angina, migraine, Down syndrome, attention deficit disorder, schizophrenia, autism, or Alzheimer`s disease). Next, write an essay with an extended definition in which you explain the condition to an audience of high school students. Be sure to cite and cite all information from your sources (Kirszner and Mandell 522). ○ Have I inserted a formal definition of my subject? Have I defined any other key terms that may not be familiar to my readers? Denotative definition: What explains a term that is specialized or unknown to your readers, or that conveys your exact definition of a word that has more than one meaning. Defining means identifying or determining the essential properties of something – its meaning (Biddle 69). A definition indicates what a term means and how it differs from other terms in its class (Kirszner and Mandell 489). There are many types of definitions and many forms they can take (Axelrod and Cooper 440). ○ I have explained or strongly alluded to the meaning of my definition. ○ Literature on the Holocaust and Crime: Use Elie Wiesel`s essay “To Be a Jew” as inspiration and write an essay with an extended definition called “To Be a _______”. (Fill in the field with a name indicating your religious affiliation or form of spirituality.) Like Wiesel, use the definition to inform readers about the main characteristics of an affiliated person.

As an alternative, write an essay titled “Being an atheist” or “Being agnostic” (Clouse 536). Binding definition: which indicates a specific and special way of using a term. Authors who wish to use a term in a way that a reader cannot expect can use a binding definition. ○ Check your ideas: Have I clearly introduced and defined my term? Did I add a variety of details? Does my essay show the term in a new light? When Henry David Thoreau advocated civil disobedience in the face of government oppression, his criticism was clear: opposition to slavery and the Mexican-American War. Civil disobedience is less well understood today. In a well-developed article, define what the term civil disobedience means by showing both what it is and what it is not (pogreba). ○ Should I use other strategies – such as synonyms, negation, enumeration or analogies – to broaden my definition? ○ Did I use the present tense for my formal definition – even though I used the past elsewhere in my essay? ○ Body paragraphs: The structure of the body heels varies depending on the development model you have chosen. However, you can extend the body of your definition with one of the following strategies: ○ Select a topic: Choose a term or concept that meets the needs of your task. Make sure your topic makes you think.

Look for the following examples of a definition advanced in writing: In a paragraph, essay, or speech, an extended definition is an explanation and/or illustration of a word, thing, or concept. “A broad definition can explain the etymology or historical roots of the word, describe the sensory properties of something (its appearance, sensations, sounds, tastes, smells), identify its parts, indicate how something is used, explain what it is not, provide an example of it, and/or identify similarities or differences between that term and other words or things.” notes Stephen Reid in “The Prentice Hall Guide for College Writers.” The Japanese term poka-yoke is used in lightweight manufacturing to reduce defects or injuries by eliminating the possibility of human error. A process or device is poka-yoke if it prevents the operator (“yokeru”) from making mistakes (“poka”). The concept of the Poka-Yoke was formalized by Shigeo Shingo as part of the Toyota production system, which is an important precursor to modern lean manufacturing. Extended definition: a definition that requires a paragraph, an essay, or even an explanation of the length of a book. Extended definitions explain the meaning, associations, private meanings, and personal experiences associated with the word. Extended definitions may include formal, denotative, connotative or spottive definitions; However, they do not follow a fixed development model. ○ Present your work: Present your work to your class as well as anyone else interested in the term or concept. ○ Write your first draft: Identify your term and indicate its meaning. Then, concretize the basic definition with a variety of details and ideas. Finally, connect your ideas and synthesize a new vision of the term for your reader. Task 1.3 aims to familiarize a non-technical audience with an industry term of medium complexity.

There will be three types of definitions for the same term: the definition in parentheses, the sentence definition, and the extended definition. A definition in parentheses is a simple explanation in a sentence that defines the term in parentheses. A sentence definition is a one- to two-sentence definition of the term that defines it and gives a basic overview. An extended definition is a multi-paragraph definition that includes several extension strategies to explain to the reader. My expanded definition will include the history and etymology of the Poka yoke, the requirements, the principle of operation, negation, and examples. ○ Collect details: Create a definition diagram in which you specify different types of definitions for your term. Check out the dictionary and thesaurus, as well as journal websites and articles, to broaden your understanding of the term. Barbara Fine Clouse explains that a broader definition can also serve a compelling purpose. “In most cases, an extended definition enlightens.

Sometimes you inform by clarifying something complex. A definition can also inform by bringing the reader to a new appreciation of something familiar or obvious. Manufacturing engineers should be careful when declaring a system as a poka yoke, as it can be dangerous to declare a machine poka yoke if it is not. Real poka-yoke solutions differ from traditional methods of injury or error prevention when these methods still allow the possibility of errors. There was one case described in a machine protection assessment by the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of British Columbia, in which a worker operated a press that required him to squeeze a piece of metal into a machine and then simultaneously press two buttons a few feet apart to stamp the part. The worker was tired of moving his hands back and forth between the room and the buttons and decided to keep both hands on the buttons instead and push the part into the machine with his nose. As might be expected, an ambulance had to be called after using the machine using this method. The process was declared poka-yoke by the designer, but this was clearly not the case! ○ Plan your analysis: Decide on the goal or thesis of your essay and develop a plan in which you determine where you want your essay to start and how it should progress. ○ Should I discuss the origin and evolution of the term I define? Formal definition: short and concise definitions that include the term to be defined, the class to which it belongs, and the qualities that distinguish it from other terms in the same class.

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