Mexican Permanent Residency Requirements

Mexican Permanent Residency Requirements

Hi, can a person who was born, is in MEXICO and has lived as a permanent resident in California for the past 45 years and is retired return to MEXICO (Baja California) as a retiree and buy real estate? Thank you for your time 🙂 The following table shows the multiples required for different types of residence. Mexican consulates abroad declare their financial needs based on calculations using Mexico`s 2022 daily minimum wage (MW). We have not seen any information from consulates based on AMU measurements. Some of you will fly to Mexico to complete your residency visa. Hi Mariana, I am married to a Mexican citizen. I am retired. She is still working. We live in the United States. We (on their behalf) own a Casa in BCS.

Is there an easier way for me to get a place to reside than the usual way for Americans to be married to her? I am interested in applying for the permanent resident visa, could you recommend a lawyer or agency to help me with the process? I currently live in Dominica. Thank you very much. The difference usually results from the variation in the exchange rate used by each consulate to calculate the figures in the local currency in which the consulate is located, although the requirements are largely aligned with the Mexican minimum wage multipliers for 2022, as described above. I can imagine traveling four or five months a year to the United States and other countries, but of course I don`t want to compromise permanent Mexican residency. When my heart told me I was destined to stay, I looked at my options for permanent residency. I first decided to apply for temporary residence (Residente Temporal). After that, I could apply as a permanent resident (permanent resident – similar to a permanent green card in the US). As noted in our Guide to Immigration to Mexico and Elsewhere, it is common for “economic solvency” requirements to vary from consulate to consulate. 1) For some applicants, it is possible to obtain permanent residence at a Mexican consulate without first having a temporary stay.

This mainly applies to consulates in the United States and Canada, and the decision depends on which one you choose. In most cases, you`ll need to retire and, of course, meet the financial requirements. Read about this in detail in our article: Can expats from the United States and Canada get a permanent resident visa in Mexico from the start? Permanent residency never expires, and it is the retirement visa of choice for people who can meet the financial requirements. To apply for permanent residence, in addition to the requirements listed above, you must provide the consulate with two copies of the following documents: When you go to the local immigration office, be sure to bring any documents you needed to present to the consulate in your home country, as well as the printed confirmation page of your immigration appointment and your Mexican address. You will be redirected to a bank to pay 4,739 pesos (about $230) for a temporary resident card or 5,776 pesos (about $280) if you apply for permanent residence. You have another short interview and if you are approved, you will receive your residence permit that day or shortly after. We started our temporary stay in Canada and now have to finish it in Mexico. We will drive and cross to Reynosa, so as far as I know, can we finish the process in Juarez in one day? We have until December 9, 2022 to enter an MNI office, how long should we take? Should we be there before December 1? Etc? Thank you for any help you can offer! You have now completed the first of two steps to obtain your temporary or permanent resident visa. The consulate visa is valid for 180 days, so you must travel to Mexico before it expires. Once you enter the country, make sure the immigration officer knows that you need a Canje stamp indicating that your immigration status will change. You now have 30 days to report to your local immigration office.

Very informative! I am a U.S. citizen and plan to move to Mexico next year. Can I apply for permanent residence now, or do I have to wait until I have moved or intend to move? Any tips for moving household items? I`m in a border town, but I`ve heard you can`t take U-Haul. Enjoy your website! Hi John, unfortunately you cannot combine income to qualify. One of you must earn enough to qualify. Therefore, it may be a good idea to hire a lawyer or immigration intermediary. We have a list of approved and very affordable immigration brokers across the country. All speak Spanish and English. You have dedicated staff just to make an appointment at Mexican consulates for your first interview. They will prepare you with the right kind of paperwork.

And most importantly, they know the best immigration authorities in Mexico where you can do your residency exchange in a day or two. When deciding what type of visa you want to obtain, temporarily or permanently, there are a few things to consider. One is the obvious difference in the financial requirements needed to obtain the visa. If your income or savings/investments are not high enough to qualify for the permanent visa, you will receive the temporary visa instead. For other activities where you want to stay longer in Mexico: You must apply for a temporary residence permit corresponding to your job (e.g. retired, student, journalist, scientific, professional, etc.). Our immigration assistance service can provide personalised advice and assistance. If your plans change and you decide to stay longer, you can extend your temporary stay for up to four years and then possibly request an exchange of your temporary stay for permanent residence. * If you are married to a Mexican citizen, you will receive two years of temporary residency and after those two years you can exchange it for permanent residency. To give you an example, in March 2022, all immigration authorities in Mexico stopped accepting online appointments. Now all appointments must be arranged personally. Thus, all the offices of the MNI (Immigration in Mexico) had to queue and wait a long time to do something.

From renewals in Canje to family reunification processes. A lot of people don`t know that. And they might come to Mexico thinking they can complete their residency process in a matter of days. But come and find out, they need to invest about 2-4 weeks. But what happens when you have a job you need to take over? Or pets or family? This page provides an overview of the Mexican immigration system and outlines the main visas and options for people who want to visit Mexico for leisure, business, retirement, life and work, as well as those seeking permanent residency in Mexico or Mexican citizenship. Download our free Mexico Immigration Guide eBook for more information. As you can see, it is possible to obtain legal residency in Mexico, and not so difficult compared to other countries. There is certainly no reason why you cannot have your dream of living in this warm and welcoming country! Like the temporary visa, it is valid for up to 180 days and once you arrive in Mexico, you have up to 30 days to exchange it for a permanent resident card. This is called CANJE.

The most popular visas for expats are either the temporary residence visa (temporal residente) or the permanent residence visa (permanent residente). Permanent residency allows you to live in Mexico indefinitely, and it has many advantages. With respect to temporary resident visa requirements, it says: proof of a minimum investment balance or savings of approximately $43,000 for the last 12 months. But shouldn`t the amount be slightly over $43,000? For comparison, the amount needed for a Permian.

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