Mut Requirements for Law

Mut Requirements for Law

Each faculty sets the admission requirements based on the sum of the points calculated from the five best subjects of the potential student. In addition to the points system, some departments conduct a mandatory entrance test. Not all applicants who meet the minimum requirements may be accepted due to space constraints. The selection process gives priority to the most qualified candidates and those who have chosen MUT as their first or second choice. The Faculty of Engineering also offers access (bridging programs) to prepare students who could not meet all degree entry requirements. The only Sunni Arab jurisdiction mentioned by Nikah Mut`ah is Jordan; If the Nikah Mut`ah meets all other requirements, it will be treated as a permanent marriage. [8] The most widespread view is that if the agreed time limit is not mentioned in the text of the contract, the marriage cannot be contracted and the contract is invalid.36 The community consensus has established that one of the two pillars distinguishing mut`a from permanent marriage is the reference to the period; Whenever this column is not present, everything that depends on it becomes invalid. If the husband has a free and permanent wife, he cannot enter a mut`a with a slave without his wife`s permission. If it does, the contract is invalid or suspended until your consent. If the slave belongs to someone else, a Mut`a cannot be completed without the permission of his master. For example, Imam Ja`far says, “There is nothing wrong with marrying a slave [temporarily] with the permission of her master. 20 If the marriage was consummated and the wife was aware of the nullity of the contract, she cannot be entitled to a dowry because it is fornication.

And there is no dowry for fornication. Whether the time limit is returned with or without enforcement, the consent of the wife is not required, since repayment of the repayment deadline is equivalent to a debt of the wife.56 National Diploma: Analytical Chemistry The course prepares technicians for positions in analytical laboratories where many types of analyses are performed, using a variety of techniques, including conventional wet chemical methods and sophisticated instrumental methods. Technicians can find work in routine analytical quality control labs or in research labs that explore new manufacturing processes and techniques. If it turns out that the contract is invalid before marriage, the woman will not receive a dowry. Only a valid contract or the fact of sexual intercourse justifies the payment of the dowry. Al-Shahid al-Thani claims that there is a consensus among the ulema on this point.63 It has been reported that Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr was born of Nikah mut`ah between Zubayr al-Awaam and Asma bint Abi Bakr. [15] [16] [17] According to al-Raghib al-Isphahani[16] Abu Dawood al-Tayalisi and Qadhi Sanaullah Panipati, he is the most famous character born of Mutah. No, the relationship between them is like buying something and receiving a gift. In both cases, “ownership” is the result. But the fact that the purchase of an object and the receipt of a gift have a common measure does not mean that they have the same nature. We cannot say that the only difference between the two is that receiving a gift implies “unconditional ownership” and purchase implies “ownership of the payment condition”. She cites the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World to distinguish between marriage (Nikah) and Mut`ah, explaining that if Nikah is for procreation, Mut`ah only for sexual gratification.

[31] Thus, if the mut`a contract becomes invalid because the time limit has not yet been set, it is a permanent marriage contract. To support their argument, they mention a hadith of Imam Ja`far: “If a deadline is given, marriage is mut`a; if it is not indicated, it is permanent38 If a woman who has entered into a mut`a contract voluntarily separates from her husband before the expiry of the period, either before or after completion, the husband must reduce the dowry in proportion to the period of shortening of the mut`a period, provided that: This means that he has not already paid her the full dowry.57 That the declaration precedes acceptance is not not a condition of the contract, since a contract consists of a declaration and acceptance, in whatever order. It is claimed that there is a consensus on this point.15 Al-Muhaqqiq al-Hilli explicitly states that if the man says, “I married you,” and then the woman tells him the same, the contract is solid.16 There is a debate among Sunni jurists as to whether mut`a marriage is the same as “temporary marriage.” Most of them have agreed that they are synonymous.9 Once the contract is concluded, the wife receives the full dowry, whether the husband consummates the marriage before the deadline or not. The wife is entitled to the dowry as long as she makes herself available to her husband and does not constitute an obstacle to the consummation of marriage. The situation is exactly the same as renting a house, but then deciding not to settle down before the rental period expires. At the end of the time limit, the woman is released from the obligations arising from the contract.42 According to al-`Allama al-Hilli, the formula of the contract must be recited in perfection.17 But the majority of ulema believe that it is permissible to recite it in the imperfect as long as there is an intention to contract marriage.18 Many hadiths have been reported showing that imperfect time is acceptable. Qualifications and CAD Codes for the Faculty of Economics and Agriculture: Students will be prepared theoretically and practically for a career in the fields of agricultural development or expansion, encouraging the development of sound agricultural practices in agriculture.

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