Nato Legal Vacancies

Nato Legal Vacancies

Discover our job offers and apply for a rewarding position at NATO! The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI) is the provider of NATO-wide IT services and C4ISR capabilities, including cyber and missile defence. NCI`s legal office plans, develops, maintains and manages the agency`s legal affairs and provides legal and policy advice. I am a lawyer by training and work as Senior Associate Legal Counsel directly to NCI Agency Legal Counsel on a variety of legal topics ranging from international law and international institutional law to administrative law and human resources matters. I am also involved in the procurement process and the review of contract documents. I enjoy challenging and fascinating work and work with colleagues from a wide range of NATO disciplines. Vacancies in legal affairs are administered by the United Nations Office of Human Resources Management. For more information on vacancies and application guidelines, visit the UN Careers website in Admission to the OLA internship program is very competitive. Interns are generally expected to perform tasks related to ongoing projects under the supervision of OLA legal counsel.

When determining the mission of the trainee, due account shall be taken of the nature of the projects currently underway in the office and the purpose of the internship as expressed by the trainee. The program has a minimum duration of two months and a maximum duration of six months. The following is a list of vacancies for international civilian staff currently available at various NATO locations around the world. NATO`s current 58 law firms in 22 countries are staffed by civilian and military lawyers who advise on a wide range of issues requiring legal expertise. Depending on the mission of the organisation they support, NATO legal advisers may work on measures under international law, private international law, administrative law, intellectual property rights, the law of armed conflict and military operations, legal relations with host nations, personnel, cyber defence, aerospace, maritime law, contracts and public procurement. For more information on vacancies and jobs in other NATO bodies (if not listed below), see the list of NATO agencies and commands. For more information on the United Nations Internship Programme in general, see the administrative guidelines contained in administrative instruction ST/AI/2014/1. For full details on a specific position, please click on the links in the “Title” column. For more information on the relevant NATO agency/body, click on the “NATO Agency” column. If the instructions for “applying” are not clearly stated in the job posting itself, click on the “NATO Position” column and contact the relevant recruitment/human resources office. Please note that recruitment is independent for each NATO agency/body. Interns are not financially remunerated by the United Nations.

Costs and arrangements for travel, visas, accommodation and living expenses are entirely the responsibility of the interns or their sponsoring institutions. The Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) offers an internship program primarily to university and graduate students in the field of law and occasionally in other fields of study, such as administration and information technology. Candidates for the internship must: Please use the link below to the NATO body`s website to access the application form and other useful information. The Strategic Concepts define the Alliance`s core missions and principles, its values, the evolving security environment and the Alliance`s strategic objectives for the next decade. The 2010 Strategic Concept defines NATO`s core missions as collective defence, crisis management and cooperative security. NATO`s objective is to ensure the freedom and security of its members by political and military means. MILITARY – NATO is committed to the peaceful settlement of disputes. When diplomatic efforts fail, it has the military power to conduct crisis management operations. These are carried out within the framework of the collective defence clause of NATO`s founding treaty – Article 5 of the Washington Treaty – or under a mandate from the United Nations, alone or in cooperation with other countries and international organisations. POLITICS – NATO promotes democratic values and enables member countries to consult and work together on defence and security issues to resolve problems, build confidence and prevent long-term conflicts. NATO is an alliance of countries from Europe and North America.

It represents a unique link between these two continents, allowing them to consult and cooperate in the field of defence and security and to jointly conduct multinational crisis management operations. The internship program is announced in early January, May and September. Details of specific internship opportunities can be found in the Office of Legal Affairs internship offers posted on the UN careers website under

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