Reese Witherspoon`s Hair in Legally Blonde

Reese Witherspoon`s Hair in Legally Blonde

However, there was a problem. Legal Blonde leaned on Witherspoon`s iconic golden curls, but she didn`t have the same hair after shooting a film in England. It was red. On top of that, she suddenly had freckles that were not present in the previous scenes. Therefore, Witherspoon had to wear a wig to follow the continuity. Luke Wilson was also wearing a wig when he shaved his head for another project. Stories like these are commonplace in Hollywood. From Witherspoon`s hair in Legally Blonde to Henry Cavill`s infamous mustache removal in Justice League reshoots, working actors often have to change their entire appearance overnight. However, the new ending of Witherspoon is one of the most popular scenes in the film. Perhaps that`s why it became much more prominent over time than ever when it was released in 2001. However, one detail may have eluded even the film`s biggest fans, and it has to do with the eponymous hair. Elle Woods once said, “Being blonde is actually a pretty powerful thing,” but it turns out that the actress who made the “Legal Blonde” character famous doesn`t share her natural hair color. However, Reese Witherspoon`s titular hair may not be as present on screen as you might think, but the reason makes sense.

“She had cut her hair because it had been damaged by all the hot rollers, so they put her in a wig.” Look closely at the scene where she tells Warner, and you may notice a slight change in the starling`s hair color, as well as the sudden addition of freckles. However, she told Entertainment Tonight in 2015 that she turned down the role because she wasn`t sure she wanted to play another stereotypical blonde character like her role in Fox`s “Married With Children.” Elle Magazine rightly reports that Witherspoon will return in Woods` place in 2022, when a third film written by Mindy Kaling is released, provided there is no delay. Hopefully, Witherspoon can show off her iconic hair for the first time. Otherwise, they may have to go back to the wig that helped complete one of the most iconic scenes from the originals. It`s been 21 years since Elle Woods first introduced “Bend and Snap” to the public, but Legally Blonde is anything but old-fashioned. In fact, although the film celebrates its 21st anniversary (making it a cancer rather than a “twin vegetarian”), Elle`s iconic aesthetic is more influential than ever. From her titular light blonde curls to her penchant for pink ensembles, the adorable law student practically wrote the rulebook — or perhaps the legislation — about Barbiecore beauty. As a result, the ending was rewritten to better address their grievances – but not without challenges. When the film was rewritten, its star, Reese Witherspoon, had already moved on to her next project, The Importance of Being Earnest, for which she had cut her hair. Then she founded the “Blonde Legal Defense Fund” with her new friend Vivian Kensington (almost played by Chloé Sevigny), who had dyed her hair blonde to match the role. “They were in the quad and handing out brochures. Inspired by Elle Woods` unforgettable style, the line has everything you need for your first day at Harvard Law (and/or your legal blonde Halloween costume): a 16-inch ponytail extension, Sorority Sister Delta Nu ties, a hairbrush suitable for extensions to slowly comb your hair for the song Perfect Day, Elle`s vegan leather notebook and a ballpoint pen pen (just like the, which Elle uses in the film).

For a very long time, I had the impression that the 43-year-old actress naturally had blonde hair, but it seems that I am seriously mistaken with this assumption. Recently, Witherspoon revealed to her Instagram followers that her natural hair color is actually brown by posting a photo from her childhood and sharing it with them. Elle Wood turned the archetype of the dirty blonde to the side to show that no book should be judged by its cover. As a fashion designer by profession, Wood was not a stupid character. It was perceived as such. At the end of the film, she successfully shows that she can be herself and be a good lawyer at the same time. This isn`t the first time Witherspoon, 43, has shown her original hair color. In August, she shared a school photo as a brunette, with a big smile and candy as jewelry. You are probably completely wrong. While you certainly know and love Reese Witherspoon for her role as Elle Woods, who demands that she have blonde hair, the truth is that blonde is not her natural hair color. The famous actress and social activist recently revealed on Instagram that her natural hair color is actually brown by posting a photo from her childhood in which she wore a candy necklace.

On Thursday, Reese Witherspoon shared a photo of herself with a much darker “Do” and jokingly wrote on Instagram: “Wait. Is this my real hair color?!? Due to the fact that Reese Witherspoon had shorter hair for the role of Elle Woods in this film, the actress wore high-quality wigs for all the different hairstyles she wore throughout the film (2002). It was the only sequel film in which Reese Witherspoon starred until the release of Sing 2 in 2021 and Legally Blonde 3 in the future. Still, if Elle Woods has taught fans anything, it`s to never underestimate a woman because of her hair color — and Witherspoon has proven she can do anything, whether she stays true to her brown roots or lives a “pretty powerful” life as a blonde. Despite her brown roots, Witherspoon has made blonde hair her signature style, which is evident in her roles in various films and shows, including “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Big Little Lies.” She wasn`t the only one either. Luke Wilson was also working on another film for which he had made a big change to his appearance.

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