Top Law Firm Instagram Accounts

Top Law Firm Instagram Accounts

A post shared by The May Firm (@mayfirm) on Apr 1, 2019 at 2:53pm PDT 9 Instagram Photos Law firms wouldn`t use in their graduate recruitment brochures [Legal Cheek] White & Case has an equally large presence on Instagram with just under 5,000 followers. Your account has a consistent and aesthetically pleasing lining; All posts are color-coordinated to match the company`s Azure and black brand. White & Case uses many video contributions that are clearly successful due to the high level of audience engagement. The content of their videos is always employee-centric and representative of the company culture. With employee testimonials and videos about the application process, the company does a great job of promoting workplace culture in a way that attracts new talent. To start using Instagram marketing for your law firm, contact NIVAN Content. We help you from initial strategy consulting to overall management so you can focus on your clients. For every legal marketing plan, we design an effective, data-driven, yet manageable strategy for you. Whether you just need help with Instagram or need help with multiple websites (like LinkedIn or Facebook), we`re here to help. Overview of Law Firm Cookies – by Chris White, founder of diversity and networking organization Aspiring Solicitors. And since Instagram automatically switches from one story from one account to another, you maximize the chances of someone seeing yours.

Instagram is a robust social media platform that, if used correctly, can help your law firm grow. American LegalNet`s intelligent end-to-end system prevents your law firm from missing critical deadlines, dramatically improves efficiency when filling out court forms, and allows you to automatically process court data and documents. When lawyers wake up with the mobile photo-sharing network, we bring you the best legal accounts Greenberg Traurig`s Instagram, with 2,000 followers, offers employee-based content. In addition to posts about employees attending company events and spending time together outside of work, the company also includes testimonials about working at Greenberg Traurig, all of which generate about 50 likes per post. The company uses the platform, both the feed and the stories, to promote its podcast with short audio clips. Greenberg Traurig covers a range of topics focused on education and recruitment in the flow. By sharing the experiences of their summer employees, they can appeal to millennials who want to get a feel for what it`s like to work at a large law firm. Use the question feature in your stories to create questions and answers about your business. Answer questions on video to demonstrate your knowledge and allow your followers to become familiar with you. One of the most productive – and honest – of the growing number of Instagram accounts of commercial law firms. This Florida injury law firm posts client reviews in a way that feels authentic through short but meaningful quotes. This can be a powerful way to showcase your strengths, no matter what area of law you specialize in.

Instagram is a growing social media platform that, if used correctly, could help your business grow. These 5 law firms have a well-developed presence on Instagram and share stories that showcase their culture and values in an authentic way. For more information on Instagram strategy, check out our blog post: How to Create Your Law Firm`s Instagram Content Plan. As one of the largest law firms with offices around the world, it`s no surprise that DLA Piper has the highest number of followers on Instagram when it comes to law firms. While the company is undoubtedly a thought leader with multiple blogs, you can`t distinguish it from their account on this channel. Almost all of their positions are employee-focused and feature corporate events such as pasta making at Eataly or their summer employees attending a baseball game. With an average of 80 likes per post, they have an incredibly high level of engagement. The DLA Piper account is a great example of promoting your company`s corporate culture in a way that attracts new talent. Here are some law firms/consultants that build the right audience on Instagram: The May Firm is a personal injury law firm that leans toward inspirational posts that demonstrate empathy and responsibility.

Last year, the firm launched the “Voices of DLA Piper” campaign, where lawyers shared their own personal stories about what they love about the firm. DLA Piper marks almost all of its messages with #proudtobedlapiper to show pride in its work as a law firm and create a community among its many offices around the world. The company achieved the highest score for its outstanding work, focusing on its own employees and collaborating inside and outside the office. Norton Rose Fulbright continues to approach its Instagram feed with posts with eye-catching photos taken by its own employees. With photos taken around the world of iconic images such as London Bridge and the Empire State Building, the company`s report includes beautiful photographs of the most remote corners of the world. Norton Rose Fulbright has over 3,300 subscribers and a consistent engagement across all publications. They share their brand`s hashtag, #lawaroundtheworld, in their Instagram bio, which becomes a live link that leads to a page containing all posts with the same hashtag. We see employees adopting the company hashtag and sharing it on their personal accounts to showcase the community in the workplace. This puts it far behind the most popular LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Twitter in terms of industry usage rates.

DLA Piper is a global law firm operating through separate entities. Having a strong focus on introducing followers to their lawyers allows potential clients to get to know the team before they call them. Kinny Legal is a virtual law firm specializing in a specialization. The content provided on this account introduces followers to the work they do in the senior care and retirement industry. Bespoke, a prominent family law firm in Brisbane, has done a great job of keeping its look and feel while publishing a lot of content. Next, it`s time to create the posts that will become the backbone of your law firm`s Instagram presence. All messages are videos and photos. With over 80,000 forms available in seconds and powerful features such as full MS Word integration with editable form formatting and autofill. Our solution offers every business enormous benefits in terms of efficiency, risk management and IT security. More than half of Am Law 100 employees rely on Form`s workflow and should be an integral part of your company`s technology strategy.

Instagram for Law Firms can be rewarding, but challenging if you`re just starting out – take inspiration from these five accounts or contact us if you`re looking to improve your social media strategy. Instagram automatically generates a username in your name. However, you can customize it to match your law firm`s name. According to Cone Communications` 2016 Millennial Employee Engagement Study, 76% of millennials consider a company`s commitment to social responsibility when deciding where to work. Instagram for Law Firms is the perfect channel to showcase CSR efforts. Paul Hastings does an outstanding job of demonstrating his commitment to the community in an authentic way. For example, they shared photos of summer employees volunteering at a food bank and a lawyer helping to tag sharks in the Bahamas. Images like these have a positive impact on brand reputation and socially conscious millennials are drawn to companies that do good.

One of the most active Instagram accounts at the UK Law School, with regular news from the West Country. This will give you an idea of how other users and law firms are using the same strategy to reach their audience. This means that some production is required to ensure that the content represents your business and achieves your marketing goals. Thank you, Jew. It is a pleasure to know that you have had an excellent experience with our firm.

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