Work My Tail off Definition

Work My Tail off Definition

Colleague 2: I think she thinks the presentation is important enough to work on her tail. 13). That 70-year-old manual workers are strong enough to work on their tails so bankers can enjoy their yacht. He worked hard for minimum wage and worked for five years to save enough money to buy a car. 11). Even believing that their fate in life was to work on their tails, live in abject poverty and provide most of their products to the elite. His exam is Monday, so Paul will have to work on his socks when he 12) I see members giving their time and sometimes working their tails to bring souls (yes, even their own) to Christ. 17). No money, literally, and pinching while he works his tail to escape the poverty trap of his youth. 14) A loyal army of wage slaves who work their tails to earn insignificant wages. caught. hopeless.

10) Work your tail when you write your foreword and enjoy it. This anthology represents YOU. Friend 2: My grandfather emigrated to this country as a young adult. He arrived with four dollars in his pocket and spent fifty years working his tail to achieve what he accomplished. Sometimes he worked three different jobs at the same time. He even made his way to university. I admire those who have worked hard to succeed, not those who come from wealthy families or inherit family fortunes. Although she works on her tail, she hasn`t accomplished much in her career.

18). so poor, but tired from morning to night, working his tail, throwing himself anxiously into the grave;. 6). In the first year of operation, you can expect to work on your tail. 8). Are you in a higher income category? If you`re working for near-minimum wage, going back to school can help you manage your. 7) You wonderful people working your tail on these sensational restorations. Please accept my sincere thanks, I absolutely am. This page is about the sentence you | Work your tail Friend 1: I think hard work and perseverance pay off.

16). Harder and harder for less and less, they barely scratch their tails, watching the hope of the American dream fade before their eyes. 9) You can work on your tail and achieve status in your work, but you can still do without much. 2). on the economy. Millions of hard-working Americans who have worked hard for their employers and done everything “right” are sitting at home. 4) These old and infirm worked on their tails and broke their backs to get what they could get, to accumulate what they could. 19) Working on our tail without giving us time to enjoy the finer things in life.

Colleague 1: Leanne stays late and works on her presentation. 15) This is despite the fact that the police are working their tails and racking their brains to follow these cases from “all angles”. 5). Unaided within 2 miles of walking and working his tail every day of sewing, cleaning and cooking. 3). She didn`t remember the grandfathers who had worked on her tail so that she could have the best of everything. 1) I got it because my immigrant grandparents worked hard to earn it, hoping to give their children a better life. Work very hard, especially over a long period of time When you take off your socks or work your tail, you work very hard. 20). You can bet we`re working hard to get your server back to work. This phrase dates back to the first half of the twentieth century.

James Farrell used it in Studs Lonigan (1932-35): “This idea of sweating the tail with work.” If you know of a phrase that you would like to have listed here, please use our online form to suggest a sentence. Colleague 2: What is it? Already three nights this week? Friend 1: Thank you for inviting me to your grandfather`s retirement party. It is definitely a beautiful home they have here. They have a pool and everything. Does your family have money? Colleague 1: If she gets a huge account, it will be worth it. If you have a question about idioms, ask us in our Idioms discussion forum. Colleague 1: And she`s been doing it for a month now.

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