Ywca Spokane Legal Services

Ywca Spokane Legal Services

If your partner has been charged with domestic violence, you may need support throughout the court process. Our attorneys can access information about your partner`s case, an upcoming release, bail conditions, contactless order specifications and other court matters. Our Community Service Advocates (CAS) continue to provide telephone services and support to their clients. If you work with a CSO lawyer, you can contact your lawyer directly by phone or email, and they will get back to you as soon as possible. If you are not currently affiliated with a CSO lawyer and would like to speak with a TANF lawyer, including assessing a domestic violence time extension, please call the CSO Lawyer Line: 509-789-9289. I understand that the YWCA Domestic Violence Service Centre (DVSC) does not guarantee legal representation for clients. Navigating the legal system and courts can be overwhelming. Federal/state/local legal terms, processes, and laws are often confusing and frustrating. For more information, see our Legal Advocacy Quick Start Guide.

For assistance, you can contact our lawyers at 509-477-3656 Option #1. If you need help with a domestic violence protection order in the partnership, or if you are the victim registered in a criminal proceeding and need to speak to a lawyer, please call 509-477-3656 Option #1. If one of our lawyers is unable to answer during your call, please leave a detailed message with the possibility to contact you and the legal advisor will contact you as soon as they are able to do so. If you have worked with a particular lawyer in the past, please call the Attorney General`s line in bold above and not the phone number of the individual lawyer you have worked with. This is the fastest way to get an answer. Located at YWCA Spokane`s downtown headquarters, the Family Justice Centre has become the new headquarters for five partner agencies that make up the Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Team, including YWCA Spokane lawyers, city and county law enforcement, and prosecutors. YWCA Spokane Legal Advocates supports survivors of domestic violence through intimate partnerships. Many people turn to our lawyers for clarification on their questions about protection orders and for assistance throughout the court process. If the partner has been charged with a domestic violence offense, our lawyers can also access information about your partner`s case, an upcoming release, bail conditions, contactless order specifications, and other court matters. For an in-depth understanding of our legal defense services, please read our blog post on legal defense services. To learn more about accessing additional services through YWCA Spokane during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit ywcaspokane.org/services. Thank you very much! To access available YWCA programs and services during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit our regularly updated service page or contact us via our 24-hour hotlines at 509-326-2255, by email at help@ywcaspokane.org or by text at 509-220-3725.

If you are considering a protection order or have other questions about the procedure, we invite you to read the lawyers` answers to a list of frequently asked questions. “I used almost every service here and it changed the trajectory of my life. I thought this morning that if it wasn`t for YWCA Spokane, I can honestly say I don`t even know if I`d be alive. I was ready to give up. This place has played a big role in changing the course of my life. It`s the people here. It was unbelievable. – YWCA Spokane Client Our lawyers can help survivors of intimate partner domestic violence by answering many questions about civil or criminal lawsuits. If you need formal legal protection from abuse by your partners, lawyers can help you apply for a civil defense order to prevent your partner from contacting you, harassing you, persecuting you, or abusing you in any way. If you`ve used any of the above services and want to share how they`ve affected your life, you should write an explanation of the impact here.

Your answers to these questions will not affect your ability to receive services. How would you describe your race and ethnicity? * Asian American Indian / Alaskan Native Black Hispanic / Latino Middle East Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander White OtherOther Are you disabled? * Yes No Are you an immigrant, refugee or refugee claimant? * yes no Is English your first language? * Yes No Do you live in a rural area? * Yes No How would you describe the nature of your relationship with the opposing party? * Spouse Boyfriend/Girlfriend Ex-spouse Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Parent of a common child MiscellaneousOther policies and procedures I understand that admission with a limited license lawyer/paralegal (LLLT) does not establish an LLLT attorney/client relationship. I understand that the YWCA Domestic Violence Service Centre (DVSC) does not guarantee legal representation for clients. I understand that information disclosed to DVSC lawyers/legal engineers with a limited license is protected by solicitor-client privilege. DVSC will not disclose my private information without my consent, except as provided in this paragraph. I agree that DVSC may disclose my name, program eligibility, legal matters and services to the U.S. Department of Justice or any other entity evaluating the use of Victim Legal Aid grants or other grant programs. I understand that as a consumer of DVSC services, I have the right to confidentiality, treatment with dignity and respect, self-determination, provision of personally relevant services, non-discrimination, accommodation of persons with disabilities and termination of services at my own initiative at any time.

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